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About us

        Hebei Gaoskj Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Based on the company's long-term development and the establishment of a modern enterprise system, it has established a complete set of comprehensive management systems such as personnel management, production management, quality management, financial management, marketing management, and information management. The company has advanced production equipment, in line with International standard operating procedures and professional system process operators, with perfect quality control and strict product testing system. In order to continuously improve the quality of products, the company further strengthens exchanges and cooperation with various scientific research institutions. On the basis of giving full play to its own research and development strength, it strengthens the extension, integration and promotion of brands, so that enterprises and products can survive the fittest in the market. Carry out all-round and three-dimensional research and development on products in breadth and depth, and develop series of products of different types and specifications to meet market demand.



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