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cutting machine

Product name: cutting machine

Xunyu Technology

Product name: cutting machine

Xunyu Technology


1. The power is upgraded to 1680W, the motor rotor is lengthened, the gear is thickened, the torque is super strong, and the efficiency is 50% higher than that of the conventional cutting machine. It is a professional slotting product.

2. The switch has dustproof function, which greatly improves the service life of the switch.

3. The baseplate angle can be adjusted without tools to ensure accurate cutting within 0-450.

4. The structure has been changed, and NSK bearings have been used in key parts, extending the service life of bearings.

5. Adopt high-quality carbon brush, which is wear-resistant; At the same time, the wear of commutator is reduced, and the service life of motor is longer.

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