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Top-ton bag

Top-ton bag

Ton bags, also known as ton bags, space bags and space bags, are a popular name for container bags. Because the goods contained in container bags are generally 1 ton, commonly known as ton bags. At present, the goods contained in container bags have more than 0.5-3 tons.

Container bag is a flexible transport packaging container, widely used for the transport and packaging of food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products and other powdery, granular and blocky goods. In developed countries, container bags are widely used as packaging products for transportation and storage.

Also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, etc., FIBC is a kind of container unit appliance. With a crane or forklift, it can realize container unit transportation. It is applicable to the transportation of bulk powder and granular materials.

Precautions for loading and unloading of ton-pack container bags:

1. Do not stand under the container bag during lifting operation;

2. Please hang the lifting hook at the central part of the sling or sling, and do not lift it diagonally. Single-sided lifting or cable-stayed lifting is used for bagging;

3. Do not rub, hook or collide with other objects during operation;

4. Do not pull the sling backward to the outside;

5. When the container bag is operated with a forklift, please do not let the fork touch or bind the bag body to prevent breaking the container bag;

6. When carrying in the workshop, try to use pallets, avoid hanging the container bag with a hook, and move it while shaking;

7. Keep the container bag upright during loading, unloading and stacking;

8. Do not erect the container bag;

9. Do not drag the container bag on the ground or concrete;

10. When it must be stored outdoors, the container bag should be placed on the shelf and must be tightly covered with opaque tarpaulin;

11. After use, wrap the container bag with paper or opaque cloth and store it in a ventilated place.

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